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Ventilation system IVL-1

Used in: K and S1 protection class shelters
Purpose of Use: During crises, the requisite overpressure can be sustained in the shelter with the aid of the ventilation system. If necessary, the ventilation system can filter out toxic fumes and harmful or dangerous elements, such as nuclear fallout particles.
Specification: Provides the shelter with at least 2.7 dm³/s of fresh air per one square metre of the actual shelter, and at least 0.9 dm³/s when the ventilation is being used as a filter. Fresh air is distributed evenly in the shelter through the distribution ducts’ supply air terminal device. The ventilation system also removes humidity and excess heat from the shelter.



Ventilation system IVL-6

Used in: Bedrock shelters and in the S2 protection class shelters.
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