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iss welding



We design new shelters and shelter renovations for residential and industrial buildings with 25 years of expertise. We deliver true-to-scale location drawings and cross-section drawings of the castings either electronically or printed. During the shelter design phase we consult the other designers to ensure that our end customers have the most profitable service and maintenance support.


casting control


Before pouring the concrete we perform a casting control. This procedure is included in our design services in the Finnish capital region. In the neighbouring areas we perform control checks according to agreement.





The Novapoint Virtual Map is a module that allows you to work in Autocad’s 2D environment and then easily visualise your work in 3D.

When the 3D modeling is easy to do it also becomes a natural stage both during planning and throughout the project. Because of the fact that you quickly can get a model of your construction or plan you are given a concrete picture of the final result. This gives you better information to base your decisions upon at the same time as clients and others involved are supplied with pictures as complements to drawings. This gives a better base for discussion and possible adjustments can be made early on in the process.